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Hot Air Ballooning in India Hot Air Ballooning in India

Advertising Services

Balloons are innovative and attention-grabbing media vehicles. Used to generate publicity at events such as balloon fiestas, major sporting occasions, outdoor shows and events that attract television coverage, balloons provide ideal opportunities to create interest in a product or organization. Not only balloons develop awareness and interest, they are also capable of generating desire and action in almost any target audience. On Balloon Centre we can put your company name, logo, characteristic colours and motives.

Research suggests that the direct cost of balloon advertising 'per thousand opportunities to see' is lower that the figure for newspapers, posters, radio or television. Furthermore, these figures only took into account people who actually saw the balloon, not the 'editorial' press and television coverage of this very visual medium.

The launch and landing of a hot air balloon will always draw a crowd of onlookers whether it is 6000 at a village fair, 60,000 at a major festival or country show or millions if the event is televised.

We offer 3 banners spaces on each balloon to carry your message. On the smaller VT ART the top of the banner measures approx 5.7m, the bottom approx 4.2m and the sides approx 4.5m. On the larger VT ARK the top measures approx 6.3, the bottom approx 5m and the sides approx 4.5m.

Location Available: All over India, Subject to airspace availability, approved schedule & permissions from DGCA & local authorities.