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Hot Air Ballooning in India Hot Air Ballooning in India

The Experience

Your flight begins with the inflation of the balloon by motorized fans. Once the envelope is filled with air, the propane burners are ignited to heat the air inside. In about thirty minutes the balloon is ready for flight. Upon inflation, you will join your pilot in the beautiful hand-crafted wicker basket. The luxurious, over-sized basket has plenty of room to allow everyone to enjoy the flight to the fullest.

As you gently leave the Earth, you'll be amazed at how light the balloon feels. During the flight you have unobstructed 360-degree views, allowing for breathtaking photographs. Your pilot will explore a variety of altitudes, up to 1500 feet in the air for a marvellous overview, to just under 400 feet from the ground where you are able to see the sights and sounds of the beautiful state.
By changing altitude, your pilot may also be able to change direction by finding a shift in wind currents at another level. You will be amazed at the excitement and curiosity generated by the passage of our balloons. Occasionally, cars will follow us over the roads in the city to rendezvous with us after landing.

Throughout your flight, our ground crew follows your balloon over grounds and roads so that they can be ready and waiting for you upon landing, always a gala occasion.

You can look forward to: A 02 hour experience including:
  • Greeting and registration
  • Briefing by your pilot
  • Invitation to help with balloon inflation
  • Around an hour’s flight in hot air balloon
  • Presentation of certificate signed by your pilot (on request)
  • Invitation to assist with the deflation of the balloon
  • transport back to your original launch site