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Hot Air Ballooning in India Hot Air Ballooning in India


Hot air ballooning is completely weather dependent. Flights may be delayed or cancelled if the conditions are unsafe for flying. A decision to delay flights or cancel them will only be made from 6.00am each morning. To find out if the balloons are flying guests with confirmed bookings will be informed well in advance.

Safety Tips
  • If a balloon is launching or landing near you, stand well clear and not in front of where the balloon is heading.
  • Stay well clear of all equipment and walk around, not over ropes.
  • Ensure young children are closely supervised at all times.
  • Follow instructions issued by pilots and crew.
  • Do not smoke near the balloons. Highly flammable propane gas is used in the inflation process.
  • If you are driving while balloons are overhead, please watch the road and not the balloons. Or alternatively pull over and stop in a safe place.
  • Pets can be frightened by the balloons and noise of the gas burners. Be mindful of this if the balloons are overhead and take necessary precautions. Plan your morning Plan your morning