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Hot Air Ballooning in India Hot Air Ballooning in India


Tiger Balloon Safaris started as the Hot Air Balloon brand of Camping Retreats of India Private Limited, headquartered at New Delhi.

Tiger Balloon Safaris offers commercial hot air ballooning in India. Our operations Commercial air Balloon flights are approved by the Director General of Civil Aviation. We adhere to all maintenance and security guidelines laid down by Civil Aviation Authorities of India. These comply with internationally accepted norms and include insurance of crew, passengers and equipment, fitness of equipment and flights made by pilots holding commercial ballooning licenses. Our balloons are sourced from the best manufactures in the world. Our operations are supported by skilled technical crew as per global aviation standards. we always Comply DGCA approved Standards of Travelling in Hot Air Balloon and Insurance of Crew Members as well as passengers Flying in our Hot Air Balloon.

Tiger Balloon Safaris has successfully completed over 09 years of commercial operations with more than 8,000 highly satisfied passengers that have carried back memories of a lifetime.