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Hot Air Ballooning in India Hot Air Ballooning in India

Meet the Team

Tiger Balloon Safaris team is a group of dedicated professionals with a passion for flying and sharing the magic of hot air ballooning with others. Learn more about what makes our team so special.

G.S. Rathore


He started Tiger Balloon Safaris in 2008 with a vision to provide the amazing hot air balloon flight services in India. Further, the company has vision to be market leader in the field of hot air ballooning, driven by an enthusiastic team who love what they do.

Abhishek Agarwal

Sales & Marketing

Our Ground Team

Made up of 3-4 people each flight, is the key to a successful hot air balloon adventure. They are trained in all aspects of the sport including set-up, inflation, and launch of the balloon. They track the balloon during its flight and then assist at its landing site in packing up the balloon.