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Hot Air Ballooning in India Hot Air Ballooning in India

Industry and Major Events

Tiger Balloon Safaris has been involved in numerous events around India. Some of the major events organized by us are listed below:

  • Have successfully organized and completed Rann Utsav, Gujarat with 09 Hot Air Balloons for one month.
  • We organize Hot Air Ballooning festival during Jal Mahostav, Hanwantya, Madhya Pradesh for 02 month every year.
  • We have organised Hot air ballooning during Three - day 'TYSAM' winter festival in Baghmara, Meghalaya for 05 days.
  • We participate every year in 04 days Tamil Nadu International Balloon Festival, Pollachi.
  • We are successfully organizing Hot Air Ballooning in South Goa, Goa for Goa Tourism Department. This is our fourth year of our operations.
  • We have participated in 03 days Taj Balloon Festival, Agra with 05 Hot Air Balloons.

Location Available: All over India, Subject to airspace availability, approved schedule & permissions from DGCA & local authorities.